Great Low Sodium Dishes and Snacks

Why should mineral supplements be so bitter and harsh?

Traditionally, mineral supplements were taken while holding your nose. They are bitter, they are harsh and no one looked forward to the ritual of taking something that is good for us but anything but welcome. Some mineral supplements come with all kinds of sweeteners added to mask their bad taste. They tell us to take them with orange juice to hide the bitterness.

Why is that? Most mineral supplements are imbalanced. They contain too much of one mineral and not enough of another. The result is a harsh and bitter mineral supplement. Not any more! Hawaiian Sea Mineralscome from the Hawaiian Sea where nature has produced a combination of minerals, trace elements and electrolytes that are in harmony. They are balanced and, because of this, they are neither harsh nor bitter.

As with any condiment, it needs to be added to a meal or dish, not taken straight. you wouldn't drink soy sauce by itself. But, put it on your favorite Asian dish and the flavors comes alive. The combination is perfect. This is true with Hawaiian sea minerals™. It is meant to be used as a condiment. As such, it brings ordinary dishes to life and makes them sing. They make an otherwise dull snack literally pop with flavor.

Try these low sodium high Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ dishes and snack for yourself while getting the minerals you need at the same time. If you have any great low-sodium recipes using Hawaiian Sea Minerals™, drop us a line and we'll put some of them up on our website for others to try.  

Enjoy with aloha! 


Hawaiian Kalua pork sliders with Kaipo's Pineapple slaw: 

Hawaii is famous for kalua pork. This "slider" recipe lives up to the fame. We have to credit Kaipo for bringing this amazing sandwich to life. Kaipo, like many of us, was struggling with consuming too much salt. He is getting up there in age, Blood pressure was up and his doctor told him to cut back. Kaipo's a free spirit who has lived his whole life, when not working, surfing the dozens of great surf spots around the islands. He never paid much attention to what he was eating. As it turns out, Kaipo was also not getting enough magnesium in his diet. He's a friend of mine and we were talking about his predicament. I suggested he try my Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ on some apples I had. He was amazed. We sprayed a little on the apple slices. It had the taste of salt and offered up a solution to his magnesium problem at the same time. In honor of this revelation, Kaipo created this great recipe. Try this low sodium, high magnesium recipe yourself and let us know what you think. Recipe    





Maui open face Beefsteak tomato sandwich with cucumber slices, arugula and Special Sauce:

Some people might disagree with me on this but I think Maui grows the best Tomatoes in the world. Problem isn't with the tomato, it's that you just can't eat a great tomato without salt, Am I right? As we know, too much salt is a major health problem. So how can we enjoy the great taste of a tomato with salt on it but without the sodium hit we will take? No problem! Substitute that bad salt with our Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ instead. Get the flavor of table salt while, at the same time, get the magnesium you need and 80 other critical trace minerals and electrolytes our bodies must have. This recipe works really well as a snack or appetizer. Enjoy with Aloha and let us know what you think about the great taste. Check out the Recipe to see what's in the "Special Sauce" 


big island fruit salad with pineapple and mandarin orange slices:

Actually, we should call this dish the salad of infinite possibilities because it has a whole lot more in it than pineapple and Mandarin Oranges. We've also added bananas, strawberries, Granny Smith apples and white grapes. Let your imagination run wild by adding even more fruit. blueberries, raspberries and cantaloupe slices are great additions. Go for unsalted walnuts or cashews if you like a little crunch. Raisins work well also. Why limit yourself? Just go for it! But remember, all these fruits taste better with a little salt to POP! the flavors and brighten the look. No problem, use Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ instead of salt. It gives you all the best flavor that salt provides without the sodium. Get that magnesium our bodies need along with over 80 additional Minerals, Trace minerals and electrolytes that are life-critical. Try this recipe and let us know what you think.         



Big Kahuna Butter Spread: 

You probably thought that the "Big Kahuna" was just a mythical guy made up by some Hawaiian folks. Not true. I know the Big Kahuna personally and he's a character for sure but not fictitious. He's put on a few extra pounds over the years and needed to cut back on the salt and especially salted butter. And the butter for that matter. Salted butter was his big deal. It went on corn-on-the-cob. His potato was always smothered with butter. Pretty much nothing got by his lips that wasn't oozing with salted butter. Like Kaipo, his doctor told him he needed to cut back. Way back on both. The Kahuna was positively depressed. That is until I suggested using Hawaiian Sea Mineralson unsalted butter. That was when he decided to invent Big Kahuna Butter Spread. I've had it and it's great. Use it on toast, baked potato, pancakes etc. Check out his recipe.     

Uncle Makai's Grilled Kona Prawns With His Special Sauce: 

Most people don't know this but Hawaii is the primary supplier of shrimp growing stock to the world. Techniques developed in Kona have completely revolutionized this great farming industry. Uncle Makai uses only shrimp from Hawaii but you can buy shrimp in your local store and chances are good they originated from Hawaii. Uncle Makai is a one-of-a-kind character who makes his home near the town of Pukao on the Kohala Coast. Makai has a close band of friends that he's known for decades. When they get together over a few beers, his friends beg him to grill some of his Kona Prawn's. They also remind him to make his special sauce for dipping. These days, he substitutes the salt with Hawaiian Sea Minerals™. Many times, you'll spot Uncle Makai and his little band fishing at one of the beach parks along the Kohala Coast chowing down on his Grilled Kona Prawns and Special Sauce. Try this recipe and let us know if we should give Uncle Makai the thumbs up. Recipe 

davide-cantelli-148407 (1).jpg


Auntie Kali's macadamia pancakes:

People love to visit Auntie Kali's place but especially early in the morning when they know that she's making her Macadamia Pancakes. Long ago, she and I talked about high salt diets and how they are adversely affecting folks health. She was an early convert to Hawaiian Sea Mineralsas a substitute for table salt with all that sodium. At first she was concerned that her pancakes wouldn't taste the same with minerals instead of table salt. I went over early the next morning and she made those great pancakes with my Hawaiian Sea Minerals™. Auntie was amazed at the great taste and hasn't looked back since. I'm not sure she ever told all her fans what she did. No one has complained. Check out this great recipe and let us know what you think. 

Granny Smith Apple slices with low sodium peanut butter:

Fruit is great with a little salt added for taste and to make the colors pop! Problem is, that adds sodium and too much sodium is bad news for our blood pressure. Instead of table salt, spritz a little of our Hawaiian Sea Mineralson your apples. It has the same taste as table salt but with almost no sodium. With tart Granny Smith apples, Add some low sodium peanut butter for added flavor. You don't have to miss out on all those great flavors any more. Avoiding sodium is easier these days with Hawaiian Sea Minerals



Haleakala Trail Mix

Trail mix is a great snack to have while out hiking, camping or just hanging out with friends. Most commercial trail mixes contain a lot of sodium which contributes to high blood pressure and a host of other health issues. How can we enjoy this wonderful snack without the sodium? Hawaiian sea Mineralsgives you all the flavor of table salt without the sodium. It can be a great addition to many other of our favorite snacks as well. Try it on unsalted pretzels, party mix or replace the salty dips we all love with lower sodium equivalents and just add a little Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ Try out this recipe and let us know what you think.



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