Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ are harvested directly from the Hawaiian Seas using proprietary technologies. Hawaii’s crystal clear and unpolluted waters cradle the most remote islands on Earth. The living sea is the finest source for minerals, trace elements and electrolytes that nature has to offer. 

Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ contain over 80 minerals, trace elements and electrolytes offered up by the Hawaiian Sea. Nothing has been added. Unlike many mineral supplement companies who utilize minerals from ancient sea beds that have become polluted over centuries of airborne contaminants and agricultural runoff. Hawaiian Sea Minerals, LLC uses only those life-essential minerals that come from the waters off the southern shores of Molokai, Hawaii.

The waters that caress the southern reef of Molokai, Hawaii, come from deep in the Pacific Ocean more than 2000 miles from the nearest continental landmass. When encountering the massive underwater mountains that make up the Hawaiian Archipelago, they surge upward to the surface. Then, the strong underwater currents deliver the pristine water onto the southern reef where they are harvested.

A well balanced diet can be expected to furnish all the minerals and other vital nutrients our bodies need for healthy living. Unfortunately, many of us are not consuming enough Magnesium and other vital trace elements and electrolytes. Government and private health institutional studies have determined that many of us, possibly 60+%, are deficient to some extent in Magnesium. Other studies show that perhaps 19% of Americans don’t consume even HALF the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). This Magnesium deficiency can cause significant medical issues. Fortunately, Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ can make up for this shortfall.

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"purest Minerals from the most remote islands on Earth"™