Maui open face Beefsteak tomato sandwich with cucumber slices, arugula and Special Sauce:


4- whole grain English Muffins

2- medium beefsteak tomatoes (Heirloom tomatoes work well also)

1- English Cucumber

¼ Cup low sodium, low fat mayonnaise

1 Tablespoon- spicy brown mustard

½ teaspoon- Hawaiian Sea Minerals™

¼ teaspoon- Macadamia Nut oil

¼ Cup- Arugula


Slice muffins in 2 and set aside

Slice beefsteak tomatoes and set aside

Slice cucumber and set aside

Set Arugula leaves aside



Place remaining ingredients in a bowl and thoroughly mix until smooth.


Final Instructions:

Slather Spread on the muffins

Place tomato and cucumber slices on muffins

Top with arugula leaves

Enjoy with Alaoha!