Hawaiian Sea Minerals™


Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ is produced by the Hawaii Kai® Corporation during their proprietary sea salt making process. Hawaii Kai® creates the finest gourmet sea salts available in the world. It is available in markets throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and South Africa. Below is an overview of how Hawaiian Sea Minerals(TM) are produced. 

Seawater Filtration System

Pristine seawater is harvested from the southern reef off the sandy shores of Molokai, Hawaii. It is then quadruple filtered before being transported in sanitary containers to the Seawater Concentration System.

Seawater Concentration Process

The filtered seawater is then processed by the proprietary Seawater Concentration Unit. This system isolates the brine solution from all potential outside contaminants so that the H2O can be removed. When the brine is sufficiently concentrated, The high saline brine is moved to the Solar Seal Reduction farms.


Solar Seal Reduction Process

Traditionally, gourmet sea salt is produced in open ponds that are subjected to airborne and terrestrial Impurities and contamination that often enter these ponds and can taint the brine and sea salt. Hawaii Kai® Corporation developed "Solar Seal" technology to prevent this contamination. Once in the "Solar Seal" environment, the highly concentrated brine is left to be further reduced by natural sunlight. The result is pictured below. 




Sea Salt Reduction

Pictured here is one of many hundreds of sea salt pans retrieved from the Solar Seal Reduction® system. The white substance is Soul of The Sea® gourmet sea salt. The liquid in between the sea salt crystals is Hawaiian Sea Minerals™. It is drawn off and packaged for use by Hawaiian Sea Minerals, LLC to make the finest mineral-based dietary supplements on Earth.


"Purest Minerals from the most remote island on Earth"™