What Are Hawaiian Sea Minerals™?

Our world-class sea minerals start their life in the pristine seas of Hawaii. Hawaii Kai® Corporation is the producer of the finest gourmet sea salts available anywhere on Earth. They harvest seawater from the southern reefs of Molokai, Hawaii. 

The living ocean holds a bounty of all the vital minerals, trace elements and electrolytes that our bodies need to maintain good health. The seas around Hawaii contain approximately 3 1/2 percent concentration of these life-essential elements.

Hawaiian Sea Minerals™ are produced during the sea salt harvesting process. These life-vital elements are highly valued for their similarity to the human body's chemical composition. The highly concentrated minerals, trace elements and electrolytes that result, are carefully retrieved and then gently processed to become Hawaiian Sea Minerals™. These minerals are a great source for:

  • Over 80 life-essential minerals, trace elements and electrolytes.  
  • A great source of magnesium which is deficient in a large portion of the population. 
  • A wonderful sodium substitute.

“Purest Minerals from the most remote islands on Earth” ™